Saturday, July 9, 2011

Memphis Insurance - How To Find The Right Memphis Car Insurance Policy

Did you know there are over fifty national insurance companies and untold independent Memphis insurance agents offering a variety of coverage for everything from renters insurance to comprehensive health plans? It’s no wonder Memphis and Shelby County residents have a difficult time choosing a company with whom to place their insurance. Everyone in the Memphis metropolitan area knows the ongoing joke about the drivers in this city. If you’ve ever driven on the I-240 loop at any given hour of the day, you are familiar with the relevance of the joke.

Fortunately for citizens of Memphis, an over abundance of Memphis insurance agents makes it easy to shop competitive quotes when looking for a auto insurance Memphis. Competition helps to keep rates low and the level of service good which in turn translates into bargains and the assurance we have proper coverage. Let’s look into what we should consider when looking for auto insurance.

First and foremost in people’s mind is the rate or insurance premium they will pay for coverage. Finding the maximum benefits should not be overly expensive. It should be noted that insurance is all about benefits. You should ask yourself first, “what benefit will I receive in return for my paid premiums?” The scope of this article will not get into the details of Memphis car insurance policies and will be covered in a later article.

Your insurance rate is very important since the money you spend on insurance premiums can have a major impact on the family budget, especially in the current economy. Since the Memphis insurance market is highly competitive, it should be difficult to locate a rate that does not have a negative impact on your budget and still provides all the benefits needed for proper coverage.

Customer service is another important factor when considering a company. Memphis car insurance providers and their actuaries are very aware of the “Memphis reputation” and are very skilled in customer claims. It is important to locate a company that is dedicated to a high degree of professional customer service. Search out companies that employ professional and courteous representatives and local agents.

Talking to friends and family is a great source for locating Memphis insurance agents that provide quality service since they have probably experienced situations where benefits have been utilized. Ask how their claims adjusters interacted with them. Did they provide the level of service equal to the amount of premiums paid? Were they courtesy and timely in claim status and explanation? Was the agent readily available when services were needed? These are all important questions that should be asked before settling on a Memphis car insurance policy.

Reputation is another consideration that should be given when choosing a car insurance provider. Logging onto your computer and searching the Internet about the parent company of a local Memphis insurance agent can help answer many questions and establish what kind of reputation the company carries across the nation.

Also, many insurance companies offer discounts for multi-policies for other family members that need coverage as well as discounts when other lines of insurance such as homeowners or umbrella policies are held at the same insurance agency.

A Word About Dropping Your Memphis Car Insurance Due To The Current Economy

With the current economic crisis, many families are under financial strain with ever increasing pressure on the family budget. Some people have went as far as to stop paying their insurance premiums in order to make ends meet which makes it even more important for you to have minimum requirements of insurance. A few years ago, we didn’t need to worry as much about uninsured drivers on the streets. However, this fact is changing. Memphis insurance agents are seeing an increased number of policyholders letting their insurance lapse because of the current economic situation and this does not bode well for the public at large.

An increase in claims across the nation because of uninsured motorist will no doubt cause the insurance companies to increase rates to absorb the cost of these claims. If you are considering letting your car insurance lapse, first talk to your insurance agent to see if there are solutions to the problem. Memphis car insurance agents will be willing to find ways to reduce your premium through a reduction in benefits to the minimums required by Tennessee stat law rather than letting your insurance policy lapse completely.

Although times are increasingly difficult financially for families, losing your auto insurance should be not be considered lightly. Memphis insurance agents are willing to help you and your family through these tough financial times in order to keep you Memphis car insurance in force and protecting your family.

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