Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buy A Car: Should You Buy Online?

There can be many advantages to buying a new or used car online. The internet, of course, is a
useful resource when you begin your car buying journey, regardless of where you decide to buy
your car – you can compare makes and models and determine what kind of car you want before
heading to the dealership. This is important because car salespeople will often try to sell you
what they want to sell you, not necessarily the car you want. (This can be especially true of
used car salespeople – who has not been to a used car lot and told that hey, this may not have
been the exact car you wanted, but look at what a nice color it is?)

For many people, the advantages of the internet can go one step further and they decide to buy
a car online. When buying a car online, it can be difficult to do things like a visual inspection or a
test drive, so an important thing is to buy from a website that is reputable. Read the feedback
that other people have left. Go to car websites or message boards and try to talk to people who
have bought cars online, to compare their experiences with different websites. Buying a car
online can offer advantages such as the greater choice in make, model, and color you can have
over going to a dealership, especially in used cars.
Remember that even over the internet, salespeople are still salespeople. Just because the voice
and face on your webcam are pleasant and you want to be nice, remember to act the same as
you would if you were at the dealership. Ask questions, and do your research.
Be certain that even after the car is shipped, there is a way you can return the car. If you need
to return the car, you may end up paying some of the shipping costs. Be sure to budget for this,
as you do not want to be reluctant to return a car that is not perfect for your needs.
Many people have happily bought and sold cars online. If you decide to buy a car online, make
sure you are one of the happy buyers by doing your research, choosing the right car for you,
and buying from a reputable website where there is a venue for complaints.

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