Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrity Auto Insurance

Celebrity Auto Insurance -The aim of the game is this. Round up as many celebrity Auto insurers as possible that will be interested in Express' camera-flashingly cheap immediate cover, red carpet-astic introductory 65% no claims discount, award ceremony nominated breakdown cover and acceptance speech proud association with 22 of the top insurers out there, and invite them all to flirt with the supposed celebrity car insurance competition - to keep the audience mildly amused - and then ask those that are still keen to walk off with the celebrity car insurance prize, to make a choice. To vote off the celebrity car insurer which in their star-struck eyes doesn't quite offer them the real deal. To sort the wheat from the chaff. The Two Ronnie's from the Chuckle Brothers so to speak.

Celebrity Auto Insurance There's nothing the rest of us love more than a celebrity. And especially ones that fall flat on their Armani-clad derrieres! (Boo! Hiss!-is it Panto season already??)... so those of us would-be A-listers here at Express insurance are gee'd up to hear that famous for being famous light entertainment presentation pack - Geordie and Geordier - are to front 'I'm a celebrity - get me some celebrity car insurance!" Remember, you heard it here first.

Celebrity Auto Insurance Only this isn't a reality show. Its reality itself. (Shock! Horror! And up to 65% No Claims Discount!) Backed up by over 180 staff in our UK call centre, our phone lines are as hot as the Priory's, and offer you far more hope for the future. With over 31 years experience in the biz, we aim to expose the celebrity car insurance cads and bag you the 3 lowest quotes on the planet. Does this sound like a ratings winner to you? If so, be sure to tune into Express Insurance right now then!

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