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Compare car insurance It is always a great idea to compare auto insurance in order to find the most suitable insurer
21st Century Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A+" (Superior) About Drive from Progressive
GMAC Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A-" (Excellent) About GMAC
Infinity Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A" (Excellent) About Infinity
Bristol West Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A+" (Superior) About Bristol West
Unitrin Insurance Company $XX Rating of "A" (Excellent) About Unitrin

Yet, we also found many insurance firms in which high commissions convert into lofty rates, with no increase in service quality," J. Robert claimed. "Great online insure rates as well as good service might be found in case consumers take the time to compare companies."


Consumer Federation of America reviewed commission data from the twenty most popular writers of insurance for both individual passenger insurance policy as well as homeowners insurance. This sum commission information combined regular commissions and dependent commissions (paid after policies are sold and based on special sales or on profitability goals).

The report compared sum commissions with cost, insurer profitability and service quality according to grievance data and consumer contentment indices. Consumer Federation of America (CFA) found that:

1. Insurance companies having lower commissions often have lower charges. This is not always the situation, so consumers have to shop cautiously.

2. There is no evidence that paying higher fees to an agent or broker derives either better service or higher customer satisfaction. Actually, there appears to be no correlation between the amount of commission disbursed and the value of service supplied.

3. Some insurers propose high-quality deals. Other insurance providers have rates that are almost always high.

In less competitive businesses, some insurers may be tempted to attract market share by offering higher fees to agents or to brokers with higher costs and, sometimes, higher gains for the insurance provider. Credit insurance is one area where this kind of `reverse competition` is particularly frequent.

Instructions for Customers

We propose several tips for customers when shopping for web insure:

1. Shop around! This study revealed that monthly payment charges usually ascend with commissions, though this isn`t always correct. Consumers should be sure to get quotes from several of the lowest premium insurance companies, including the direct writers of insurance that typically don`t disburse commissions.

2. Consumers don`t need to disburse more to get excellent service. Some of the companies with the most excellent service records have low prices and low or no commissions. It is worthwhile to shop among the firms which have the lowest prices and the highest customer contentment/lowest complaint ratios.

3. In order to get information about insure policy rates, check state cost information guides. Most of the states have cost information guides. Regularly, customers are able to download these guides from the country`s insurance department site.

4. In order to receive grievance information on insurance providers, check in the National Association of Insurance Commissioners` web-site,

5. Be cautious with going to just a single insurance agent or broker for web insurance, even if that insurance agent represents several insurance firms. Customers must be aware that some agents who represent more than one insurance provider might put the customer in a higher priced insurance company with larger commissions even if the customer meets the requirements for a lower cost. States don`t necessitate agents or brokers to place the customer with the most excellent insurance plan for him.

6. Ask agents or brokers the important questions:

Do you represent me or do you act for the insurance firm you are suggesting me to use?

What commission are you earning compared to the price of the online ins policy policy you are recommending me to buy?

Am I getting the lowest price between all the web ins companies that you represent for which I meet the requirements?

What other insure on line providers do I qualify for that you act for? What are the costs I would disburse at those insurance firms and what fee would you earn with every insurance provider?

Do you have a contingency commission agreement with the insurance provider you`re recommending? Please completely clarify it to me.

In case I have a claim, do you act for me or the insurance firm in the claim process? Is your reimbursement in any way connected to claims filed by me and other clients of yours?

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